• Low voltage wiring
    Low voltage wiring

    Servitek has installed and maintained cat5 low voltage wiring for state and commercial customers

  • Electrical repairs
    Electrical repairs

    Servitek has the capability to peform field modifications, repairs and maintenance of power supplies, generators, substations, as well as general electrical assemblies

  • Security Systems
    Security Systems

    Servitek has expertise in satellite systems engineering. Our engineers have worked on various GPS satellite programs as well as space systems programs for the Air Force.

  • Systems Engineering
    Systems Engineering

    Whether it's for the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, or Marines, Servitek has the systems and test engineering expertise for large scale command and control programs


Construction Solutions Group

Construction Solutions Group offer Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Structural and Field Engineering expertise.


Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions group offers network cabling, hardware integration, software testing and loading, sytem design, and desktop support